“The Body of Voice”, Exhibition at Palazzo delle Esposizioni


The exhibition “The body of the voice.” by Carmelo Bene, Cathy Berberian, Demetrio Stratos arrives at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni from 9 April to 30 June 2019. It is an exhibition dedicated to the voice understood as pure sound potential.

The exhibition project aims to retrace the events that, in the wake of the artistic avant-gardes of the twentieth century, broke the indissoluble link between the meaning of the word and its sound dimension, through the choice of some works by three extraordinary protagonists: the American mezzo-soprano singer of origin Armenian Cathy Berberian (1925-1983), actor and director Carmelo Bene (1937–2002) and Greek-born singer-musician Demetrio Stratos (1945-1979).