Via Veneto

Via Veneto Suites is a luxury guest house located few steps away the famous Via Veneto. The windows face Villa Borghese and Mura Aureliane.

It is hosted in an aristocratic building of the end of the Nineteen Century.

After a very accurate restoration, the rooms have reached the right mix between glamour and classic, guaranteeing a timeless luxury.


Comfortable, spacious and refined, our rooms are the ideal refuge for your dream vacation

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Every day is an unmissable Event


Always available to make your staying memorable

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Few steps to Art, Culture and Fun

Uniqueness and

The selected colour palette finds its inspiration in the most important Roman noble family’s crests, with a contemporary re interpretation based on the use of desaturated colours and eccentric decorated wall papers.

Via Veneto Suites is the right address for all the seekers of uniqueness, for all the lovers of refined details and bespoke services: everything with a strong personality.